We desire that the PreKindergarten program would be a precursor to the education offered at SSA. We are committed to the Classical Christian Education model, built on the pillars of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty to educate students unto Wisdom and Virtue. Our education focuses on training young people in God’s Word, developing Godly Character, and instilling a deep, abiding commitment to Christ.

The St. Stephen’s Portrait of a Graduate is the end goal of an education at SSA. That is where we began to build an age appropriate program and curriculum for the youngest of our school population.

These are the priorities of our PreKindergarten program:

    • Introduction to School/Classroom Community  to provide an opportunity for young students to be part of a small community within a larger community and learn how to function in a social group outside of the family
    • Scripture-based Training/Character Development – through participation in school-wide Bible memory and character training
    • Guided and Free Play  in a structured environment to help to promote decision making, social development and interaction, and provide many opportunities for academic learning, age and developmentally appropriate
    • Large and Small Motor Development  through a variety of guided play, games, movement, and exercises
    • Exposure to Quality English Literature  from the rich treasury of tried and true classics such as Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh to modern classics- to include poetry, rhymes, nursery rhymes, Fairy Tales, and all the richness of young people’s literature of the English language
    • Intro to Academic Skills  by increasing exposure to phonics & pre-reading skills and math as the school year progresses, preparing students to advance to Kindergarten

Our PreK room contains a vast array of equipment, toys, building materials, puzzles, and books, and our teachers are skilled and eager to work with these young students.

To learn more about our PreKindergarten program goals, curriculum projects, and daily schedule, please click here.

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Hours: 8:30-12:00

Entrance requirements: must reach 4th birthday by September 1; must be fully potty trained