St. Stephen’s Academy, a PreK – 12 school, is a thriving school located in an urban setting near Portland. We model classical education in a Christian environment and strive for excellence in academics as well as in every other aspect of life. We aim for our students to be well equipped to effectively interact with their secular surroundings while applying a Biblical worldview in every area of life.

Our intention is to provide students with a top tier education in math and the natural sciences, as well as language and humanities. All subjects are taught as an integrated whole meaning that God is the creator of the world, and as such everything relates back to Him. We seek to apply the Bible to all areas of life, including every area of academic study.

We want our students to love learning and have the tools necessary to learn for a lifetime. As we engage the whole student – mind, body, and soul – we also want to develop character, kindness to classmates, and respect for teachers. By so doing, we encourage our students to join their teachers and parents in living out the Great Commandment – complete devotion and love for God, and selfless concern for neighbor. Our students not only learn head knowledge, but also develop heart knowledge as they grow in wisdom, character, and eloquence.