Annual Fundraisers

auctionThe Vision of St. Stephen’s Academy is to be one of the leading Pre-K – 12 classical Christian schools on the West Coast. We aim to equip children to be lifelong learners and to provide them with a body of knowledge that enables them to comprehend the world in which they live, to engage contemporary culture with a biblical worldview, and to communicate clearly and graciously.

If you can see with us the impact that this kind of education can have on our city, state, and nation, we would love for you to partner with us in this effort by contributing through:

  • prayer
  • volunteering
  • item donations
  • financial giving
  • helping us to get the word out about St. Stephen’s Academy in the Portland metro community

We are a non-profit organization, and the amount of financial resources we have drives our ability to pursue and fulfill our vision. Our objective is to cover about 97% of our operational budget through tuition, and we are dedicated to keeping our tuition costs as low as possible along with a healthy scholarship budget, so that no one is unable to attend for financial reasons. We make up the remaining gap through donations of those who share our vision, and these donations are critical for helping us establish an educational institution that is around for the long term.

We operate the school in a fiscally conservative way that tries to ensure that every dollar given is spent in a wise and frugal manner. Part of our accreditation by the ACCS involves having our fiscal responsibility independently verified.

Our fundraising efforts are critical to both pay our bills and also build toward the future. We appreciate the great participation that our school community has demonstrated.

Over the years God has blessed us through the generous gifts of individuals and grant agencies like the Murdock Trust to provide our current facilities with no debt, and we are thankful for these gifts. Going forward, the school board has laid out a strategic plan that involves having the school move to a permanent long term facility in the next 5 years – a facility and site that will allow us to have a full Pre-K – 12 school that will support around 400 students and allow us to even better achieve our curricular goals. This plan at times seems daunting, but we are reminded that God will grow the school according to His will and will provide for all of our needs.

Fundraising Priorities


1. Phase 1 of our current academic facility ($600,000 – primarily in donations/grants)

2. Phase 2 of our current academic facility ($400,000 – primarily in donations/grant)


1. Long term facility (estimated $5.5-6.5 million)

2. Scholarships

3. Increased teacher salaries