Measurements & Results

Classically educated students perform well above average nationally. St. Stephen’s Academy, accredited by the Association of Classical & Christian Schools, scores in the 70th-90th percentile for the nation in standardized achievement tests. While we don’t teach to the test, students are taught to write well and read critically with understanding. They also learn to succeed in even the most challenging math and science courses. Our students consistently rank in the top three for SAT scores for all public and private high schools in the Portland area, and we have many graduates who are National Merit Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Commended Scholars. Our graduates successfully earn scholarships and entry into colleges of their choosing. As students leave St. Stephen’s Academy, they are well prepared for college level learning. We encourage you to look deeper into the details below which further expand on this summary.

SAT Scores

The SAT is the most widely used standardized test for college entrance in the United States and is commonly given to high school Juniors and Seniors. It has gone through many iterations over the years. Up through 2015 the test measured student aptitude in three main areas: mathematics, critical reading and writing. The test is scored on a scale of 600-2400, with each area scoring up to 800 points each. All of the scores shown below are from this version of the test. For 2016 the test will revert to a scale up to 1600 with the essay section being optional.

The SAT and its cousin the PSAT, which is given to high school Juniors, are used each year to determine the country’s National Merit Scholars.

Highlights of our SAT test results:

  • 70% of our first three graduating classes were named National Merit commended scholars.
  • We have graduated a National Merit Scholar and two Semi-Finalists in the last four graduating classes.
  • We have the 3rd highest aggregate SAT scores among all metro Portland private and public high schools and at a fraction of the tuition cost.

Our national accrediting body, the Association of Classical & Christian Schools, places us among the best schools in the U.S.

The Association of Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS) has accredited St. Stephen’s Academy since 2012. ACCS schools compare very favorably with other public and private schools.


And among these high performing ACCS schools, St. Stephen’s Academy sets an even higher standard:

St. Stephen’s Academy averaged 36 points higher than the ACCS average and 181 points higher than independent schools. This shows that even in comparing to the top schools across the county St. Stephen’s Academy students demonstrate a very high level of performance on the SAT.

Superior testing performance across all levels of the school

St. Stephen’s Academy utilizes the ERB CTP-4 comprehensive testing program. The ERB is one of the oldest and most established tests in the U.S. It is written in association with the Educational Standards Service, which also advises on the SAT. ERB member schools must meet high standards. It is used by about 2,000 of the world’s excellent independent schools. One of the reasons we utilize this test is because it measures our students against other high quality institutions. On this test our students score in the 83rd to 97th percentile in achievement across all grades tested in standardized tests (3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th).

It should also be noted that St. Stephen’s Academy tests in the fall to maximize the curriculum review our teachers conduct in the first few weeks of school. Fall testing also gives teachers and parents a baseline for each student at the beginning of the academic year that will inform parent/teacher conferences. The testing data helps identify academic strengths and weaknesses for each student, giving parents and teachers guidance as they plot a course of action for the year.