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The Role of Parents at St. Stephen’s Academy

Parents play a crucial role in the success of St. Stephen’s Academy. Philosophically, our school exists to help our families educate their children to be Christian scholars. The school is built upon the foundation that each child has three pillars for fostering their affections: the Church, the family, and the school. It is the role of the parent to find the right setting to educate and disciple their children, and that is where we come in.

Families who expect our school to “do it all” for their child will not thrive at St. Stephen’s Academy. Instead, we seek families who want to participate in their child’s learning and who will partner with us. More succinctly, we seek parents who want to remain engaged. We deeply desire the family who seeks not only a fine classical Christian education for their child, but who also desires to be an integral part of a community attempting to serve God and man.

Important Information about Volunteering