Tuition & Fees

How do you offer such a high quality education for a comparatively low tuition?

St. Stephen’s Academy is an independent, not-for-profit PreK-12 school established as a ministry of Evergreen Presbyterian Church. We receive no operational funding from Evergreen Church and are a separate 501(c)(3) organization. We rely solely on tuition and donations to fund all of our operations. We are able to maintain a low cost structure due to good stewardship of resources, the sacrifices of our staff, the generosity of our supporters, and the significant volunteer efforts of our families. We focus our resources to the core mission of the school – providing an academically excellent education – instead of attempting to serve everyone in all areas of the educational system. We are driven by our commitment to provide a rigorous, Christ centered education in the classical tradition to families that value the fruit of this kind of education.

Do you get any public money?

ACCS schools will not accept any money from local, state, or federal governments. This stance allows all schools in the association the freedom to provide a comprehensive education that addresses all topics regardless of their religious or political nature. Since all truth is God’s truth, a classical Christian education will be a truly liberal (free) education that directs students to Jesus Christ, the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Refusing government funds also keeps us free from constantly shifting standardized testing requirements and the state teacher certification bureaucracy, both of which consume valuable time and energy and yield little in terms of classroom results.

Is St. Stephen’s Academy just for rich families that can afford a private, elite education?

It is true that a private education requires financial sacrifice from every family, but St. Stephen’s Academy is committed to making this education accessible to every family. We dedicate at least 10% of our annual budget each year to need-based scholarships.

How do your tuition and fees compare to other area private schools?

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer full-time pastors a 50% discount off published tuition for K-12th grade (PreK, enrichment, childcare, athletics/extracurriculars, etc. not included).

2021-22 TUITION

Billed over 12 months (July-June):

  • PreK: $330 ($3,960 annual)
  • Kindergarten (half-day): $475 ($5,700 annual)
  • Kindergarten (full-day) and 1st-5th grade: $795 ($9,540 annual)
  • 6th-8th grade: $855 ($10,260 annual)
  • 9th-12th grade: $900 ($10,800 annual)


2021-22 Other Fees + Discounts

  • Uniforms
  • Technology
  • Lunches (optional)
  • Athletics (optional)
  • Electives (optional)
  • Annual Tuition Paid in Full (by July 1): 3% discount
  • Full-Time Pastor: 50% discount
  • Need-Based Scholarship: Varies based on application

All payments (tuition and fees) are nonrefundable. Annual tuition payments are partially refundable:

  • 75% prior to start of T1
  • 50% prior to start of T2
  • 25% prior to start of T3

New Student Application Fee:

PreK-12th: $150


It is the philosophy of St. Stephen’s Academy to make classical Christian education accessible to every member of the community, regardless of personal financial ability. SSA is committed to helping qualified families by providing need-based scholarships to help them provide a classical Christian education for their children. Contributions from supporters of SSA make these scholarships possible. For information on how we can work with you to make SSA financially viable for your family, please call the SSA Business Office at (503) 646-4617 (ext. 104) or email

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