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When students are taught using the classical model, they are able to learn faster and go deeper into the material. Children have a greater capacity for learning than we often give them credit for, and they find great joy in being challenged. As a classical Christian school, we seek to educate every child in a way that allows them to reach their God-given potential and develop the unique gifts God has given them. We expect students to choose from a wide variety of college majors and careers upon graduation. Because we can’t predict what God will call our children to do in life, our goal is to equip them to do any job excellently as people who think clearly, communicate effectively, and embrace life’s challenges with integrity and joyful purpose.

Raising your children is the most important thing you will do in life. St. Stephen’s Academy exists to support parents in their God-given calling to educate their children to be wise and articulate adults who love God and pursue His purposes for them. We work closely together to achieve this end goal as a community of parents, teachers, and children who share the same values and desire the same outcome. Our students form close friendships with each other and with their teachers as they grow together, challenging and encouraging each other along the way.

We keep our class sizes small so that each student can be known and taught as an individual. A low student/faculty ratio provides more opportunity for teachers to interact with students and care for the needs of each child. Students spend time learning and understanding the material, wrestling with the ideas of others, developing their own questions and conclusions, and learning how to respond to others and communicate their thoughts in a gracious and persuasive manner. Ultimately, we want our students to know, love, and enjoy the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, especially as those qualities are expressed in and through the character, works, and Word of God. We desire to train mature, confident students who go out into the world as leaders who are able to master any subject because they have acquired the basic tools of learning that will last a lifetime.

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