New to St. Stephen’s?

While we embrace a rigorous academic standard, this does not mean it is unattainable except by a select few. When students are taught with a classical model, they are able to learn more, learn faster, and learn more in depth. Children have a greater capacity for learning than we give them credit for and can find joy in being challenged. As a classical Christian school, we seek to educate every child in a way which helps them attain their God-given potential and develop the gifts God has given them. We expect students to filter into a wide variety of fields and careers upon graduation, and it is assumed that any God-honoring field of study or vocation is fair game for a young person with a St. Stephen’s education.

We support the parents’ God given calling to educate their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Our parents and faculty work together to achieve this end goal. We cultivate a community of parents, teachers and children who share the same values. Students form close friendships as they learn and grow together, helping and encouraging each other along the way.

We intentionally keep our student/teacher ratio low in order for every student to be known as an individual. Smaller class sizes provide plenty of opportunity for teacher/student interaction and help teachers care for the needs of each child. Students spend time developing ideas, wrestling with the ideas of others, and learning how to respond to those same ideas when they encounter them throughout their lives. We want students to know what is true, good, and beautiful and to know why. We want mature, confident students who enter the world as leaders, able to learn, think logically, and communicate well.

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