What are Students Learning in the Classroom?

What are Students Learning in the Classroom?

Get an inside look at some of the things students are learning in the classroom this week.

8th Grade Egginator 9000 & Eggsplosion Winners 

by Riley Gilmore, Science Teacher

How much force is needed to stop a moving vehicle? At what speeds will you survive a car crash? Is it easier to stop a semi-truck or a motorcycle? As the 8th grade class at St. Stephen’s Academy can explain, it depends.

This past week in physical science, students have been studying momentum and impulse in an effort to answer questions like the ones above. This unit culminated in an engineering design project in which students worked in groups to design a safety device made of paper and duct tape to keep an egg from cracking when dropped from a height of one meter. Many groups accomplished this task, so the stakes were raised: could their device protect an egg dropped from the second story of the South Campus? Three could! What if it was dropped from the top of a ladder on the second floor? Only two.

Congratulations to the engineers behind the Egginator 9000 (Cora F., Maggie B., and Kalyna B.) and Eggsplosion (Grace O. and Molly G.).

2nd Grade Egyptian Fair 

“The 2nd grade enjoyed their annual Ancient Egypt Fair this month as they celebrated a culmination of the year’s history studies. Pharaohs, queens, mummies, and scribes all had a great time fashioning pyramids, bedecking themselves with jewels, playing ancient games, and feasting on Egyptian treats.” – Mrs. Alsop, 2nd grade teacher