The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch, Chapter 3

The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch, Chapter 3

The Tech-Wise Family, Chapter 3 “Structuring Time” – Steve Oeverman

Do you ever feel exhausted? Are there times when physical and mental fatigue threaten your ability to think and live well? Many feel the weight of this burden and look for relief by doing yoga classes, a new exercise routine, taking vacations… But if the problem is exhaustion and fatigue, why do we think doing more will help?  

In Chapter 3 of The Tech-Wise Family, Crouch explains that the deeper problem is losing God’s design for life. “We are designed for a rhythm of work and rest,” he writes. “We are meant to work, but we are also meant to rest” (see Genesis 2:1-3 and Exodus 20:9-10). And yet, the Barna Group has found that only 14% of Americans set aside one day a week for rest. “Even then, they find other, more enjoyable work to do.”

The pervasive presence of technology is making meaningful rest even more difficult to find. “A full 6 in 10 adults say they have never taken a break from social media, and only one in five say they have done so for a while.” The result is that work feels futile; and rest becomes vain.

Exhausted? Fatigued? I have no doubt that a prayerful study and application of “sabbath” in Chapter 3 will be a surprising and welcome relief for all.