The Riot and the Dance Movie

The Riot and the Dance Movie


From ACCS President, David Goodwin

The Riot and the Dance in nearly 800 theaters March 19th.

N.D. Wilson’s film will release on March 19th, for one day in just under 800 theaters.  I was able to preview it and the following is my take on the film.  I’m promoting this because it’s a good film, and because it will help parents see the outcome of classical Christian education—a thoughtful, important work of art.

The Riot and the Dance, an N.D. Wilson Film

When it comes to channel surfing, I rarely bypass a documentary.  And, when it comes to nature documentaries, Nature, Planet Earth, and The Discovery Channel tell a tedious and unsatisfying story, attractive only because they show God’s natural world.  The Riot and the Dance’s cinematography is second in amazement only to a few of the greatest Planet Earth scenes.  But, Riot has a narrative so satiating, you might want to invite your unbelieving neighbors. If you think the Discovery Channel can supply all the documentary you can take, you should try the quality of this film and its thought-provoking viewpoint.  You’ve probably never seen anything like it.

Riot is not an apologetic for creationism.  That’s too small of a topic for Gordon Wilson.  It’s an apology for wonder. From the Sonoran Desert of Mexico to the jungles of Sri Lanca, Wilson describes the magnificent and the mundane in the poetic prose we have come to expect from an N.D. Wilson film.  The music score adds to the art.  In all, it’s a film every child of wonder will want to see.  And, what child escapes wonder in a classical Christian school?  Tuesday the 20th would be a great day to discuss the film in class.

Gordon Wilson is a professor, but he’s not afraid to get bitten, dirtied, bloodied, and slathered with hallucinogenic venom in this film.  Bison and buffalo it has, but, oh, the snakes! Your boys will love it, but warn them that nature bites back.  Mr. Wilson went to school for umpteen years to know which end to avoid.  Girls and boys will enjoy the music selections ranging from quirky to the majestic.

At an hour and 20 minutes, the film is just right for a school night.  It starts at 7:00 and will be done by 8:30.  After a debrief in the car on the way home, you’ll have them in bed by 9:00.  Riot plays March 19th for one night only, make a group, or take a friend.  Find a theater near you at

David Goodwin,
Association of Classical & Christian Schools