Hearthstone Outreach

Hearthstone Outreach

Each class in the Grammar School has had an opportunity for outreach this year as they have ventured across the street to Hearthstone Senior Living. The students have shared poems, sound-offs, and songs. When the 1st grade class was ask by Mrs. Hilchen how to use their bonus privilege, one boy replied that going to Hearthstone to share would be a good reward. What a great surprise to hear that the outings are now a reward!

Every time SSA visits Hearthstone the children learn practical life skills, developing grace and composure to relate to all ages. “Cowboy Bob” is our greatest fan for each visit. Sitting in the front row, he gives roaring applause at the students’ arrival. Thanks for your support, “Cowboy Bob!” Anticipation runs high with all the residents who come to see the children. It is the highlight of their day. By the time the children have finished, the room is usually filled. As one resident said, “The children look us in the eyes and want to talk with us. They aren’t afraid to cross the generational gap and have a conversation.”

Barbara, another resident at Hearthstone, said, “I was a teacher for 29 years and taught K-5th grade. I see a difference in these students as they can recite and memorize so much. I am impressed every time.”

Our Grammar Principal, Karen Alston, summarizes these efforts well: “We cultivate opportunities for our students to know hope and joy as they minister to the residents of Hearthstone. This outreach benefits both SSA students and Hearthstone residents, as they see and hear the Good News as it is shared over the years.”

“Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news.” – Isaiah 52:7